Bad Habits That We All Have

By : Zoe Simpson - Published On: January 3, 2017

portrait of a woman nail biting

Bad habits are what we usually promise to get rid of every New Year. Whether we admit it or not, habits are part of our lives, and most of us share the same bad behavior. And I'm not only talking about vices, such as smoking and drinking, which almost everybody knows they should quit and intend to, but in the end they don't; I'm talking more about those little habits that we believe are harmless, but can have a negative effect on us.

Women are Guilty

All women do this. After a heavy night of partying, you get home tipsy late at night and you only think about going to bed. But what about the make-up? You'll probably just wipe it off with a tissue, at best, and go to sleep. Most women don't realize that this is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. If you leave make-up on, the skin can't breathe, and it accumulates impurities from the last night's party on top of the make-up. All those impurities and sweat, and make-up particles get into the skin and create damage, leading to really bad skin.

Knuckle Crackers

Another all-so-common habit is cracking knuckles, which ultimately annoys the non-crackers. Most people feel satisfied when they crack their knuckles, even if they do it without realizing anymore. Another reason is that the joints feel much better after doing it. But is it harmful? The truth is that, when done occasionally, it's not really harmful. But most of us crack knuckles a few times a day, which may lead to a weaker grip or swollen hands. Fortunately, no connection has been made between knuckle cracking and arthritis.

Alongside this habit is another annoying one involving hands; nail biting. Whether we're nervous, hungry or i under a lot of stress, we always tend to chew our nails until they look too horrible to stand. This habit actually has a medical term, onychophagia, and is considered some form of moving disorder through which humans produce harm to themselves. While it is more annoying than harmful for adults, it can be dangerous for children, if they chew their nails after they played outside all day and gathered dirt under the nails.

photo of a boy reading in the dark

Teeth Crunching

Who doesn't like to suck on a piece of ice from your beverage, and crunch it afterwards? It's quite satisfying for many, although this may be subconscious, but it can really harm your teeth. Also, it is not such a polite thing to do in public, especially in a restaurant. Specialists say that ice crunching may be caused by an iron deficiency.

Reading in the Dark

Last but not least, most of us know since childhood that reading in the dark is bad for our eyes. Still we do it anyway, even now. Even though reading in poor light does not make you blind, it damages the eyes because the muscles expand in order to receive all the existing light, and leads to headaches.